Your agents for product sourcing and managing warehouses in China. Scale your business to the moon by fulfillment by Wiio

It’s not as easy as they say it is. Terrible ship times (or no shipping at all), bad suppliers, and scammy industry practice makes dropshipping stressful and difficult to scale into the multiple millions. We got fed up with all this and took it upon ourselves to solve the biggest problems we all face in dropshipping!

Sourcing the best products for your customers is no easy feat. You need reliable suppliers who can look out for the highest quality of products which can take a lot of your time. With Wiio, you can sit back as we source ANY product just for you! Our dedicated on-the-ground team will help you find the right supplier and products that best fit your budget. No need to go through the trouble of searching for the supplier of your next winning product.

Finding the most competitive product sources while making sure it offers premium quality is your best bet. Here in Wiio, we provide the best pricing choices that are much cheaper compared to AliExpress and other sites. It means more value for your business without compromising the prices for your customers. We’ve partnered with multiple suppliers in China that are known for their reliable service and excellent product quality that makes it easy to match what you want to purchase at an affordable price


With Wiio, you don’t have to own designated space and hire a lot of human resources to hold all your product inventory in because we’ll handle it for you! We have two warehouses in China that can readily accommodate your business’ inventories for your sake. One is located in Hangzhou and the other is in Shenzhen. There is another one in the US with a total space area of over 25,000 m² that can provide a safe space for all the orders sent to your business.

Wiio values the quality of each product that we source, purchase, and store for your business. Wiio we run a strict quality control process that involves checking each product thoroughly to determine if it fits our quality standards or not. We ensure that it fulfills its product and packaging requirement, perform actual tests to check its usability, and look for any defects to classify it accordingly. Once each product passes our step by step manual inspection, that’s the only time we get it ready for shipping out.


Another important step that you should bear in mind to maximize your income is to choose the best shipping options. The difference in location, product weight, and specifications, along with varying customs laws affects the budget you’ve set for your products. Here in Wiio, we’ve carefully considered all of these so you don’t need to think about it at all. Choose from our list of available shipping methods that work well with your budget and location. We have a wide range of options to choose from that offers competitive prices depending on what best fits your budget!